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February 15th

We are pleased to inform that the board has selected the Intima Lente Ethnographic Film Festival’s short list 2018/2019.

Alla fine della cerimonia verrà annunciato il vincitore. At the end of the ceremony the winner will be announced.

Questa la lista:

The list is:

LUNGOMETRAGGI 1- L’Africano 2- Women rehab

CORTI (10-30 minuti) 1- Afganistanbul 2- Dyab 3- Elegy in light (documento) 4- Five Senses of Art 5- La Buona Novella 6- The Offering to Mother Earth 7- Siete tutti invitati 8- Snow White 9- Yurt 10- Mate Superb

SUPERCORTI (-10 minuti) 1- Benesmen 2- Dead Mall 3- I Don’t Know 4- Made in Paiwan 5- Nation of Masks 6- On Life’s Shore 7- Road to Heaven 8- Story 4 – Scenes 1-9 9- Where it Comes from 10- Who Am I

DOCUMENTARI INTERATTIVI Tajen Interactive (I-DOC) An Aestethic Experience (I-DOC)

SPECIAL MENTION Ailan (cartoons)

Nevertheless, it is our intention to promote the official selected movies with articles on websites and magazine. Thank you all very much for your participation.

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