Description of the Festival – Edition: 10th

Festival starts: During Xmast Time (December, 20th – January, 6th)

IntimaLente Festival wants to promote documentary film with particular attention to anthropological themes and methodologies. The international character of the festival is both desired and inevitable for the specific character of the discipline and for the medium itself, the film. At the beginning we chose not to focus on specific themes but, on the contrary, to offer a range of works representing different film idioms and different geographic areas of interest. The aim is to offer both a wide spectrum of possibilities, perhaps even incomplete, both to professionals and non-specialist spectators. We believe that this choice will not only stimulate a wide exchange of ideas and themes, but we believe that it can generate a broad collaboration perspective. We have chosen as our main task to select issues of general interest, and which exhibit thematic diversity and relevance of interests also for non-specialists. We reject the mere exotic as out of time and unnecessary and we have tried to make a selection that, thanks to the intimacy of the photographic lenses, borders beyond the local and the particular, for a truly contemporary and global perspective.

Awards and qualifications:
Filmmakers / photographers will be awarded during the closing night of the Festival (or to people delegated to receive them). The IntimaLente Festival has a prize of $ 1,000 for the overall winner.
IntimaLente (IL) is a cultural event that tends to promote cinema and visual cultures in all its forms, for this purpose both competitive and non-competitive sections are present in the event.


ORGANIZED BY: Associazione B.r.i.o. Brillanti realtà in osservazione
DEADLINE: September, 29th, 2020
DEVELOPMENT PERIOD: October - December 2020
LOCATIONS: Caserta, to be established
WEBSITE: www.ilfestival.org
EMAIL: intimalente@gmail.com

The places, dates and definitive times may undergo changes after the announcement has been circulated, any changes will be communicated to the authors promptly.Due to the pandemic, there is the possibility that the Festival will be screened online.

IL aims to become the voice of the ethnographic vocational documentary cinema, but it will not disdain, in the future, to create a section dedicated to long and short films.Alongside any creative retrospectives on cinema tout court, the festival opens two competitive sections intended exclusively for the image.
• The other look: competition of videos, videoart, documentaries, short films and films with a predominantly ethno-anthropological cut (works without limits of duration and also made for over five years are accepted, but recently produced short films will be preferred).
• I-Doc: competition dedicated to interactive documentaries.

The organization may decide to expand, modify or suspend the sections according to the material received.
IL will host a series of initiatives aimed at creating a link between the public and the various cinematographic realities spread throughout the country and beyond. There will be a space where out of competition visions, presentations of events and cinematographic initiatives, meetings and debates with authors and professionals of the sector will be hosted. Initiatives from institutions, schools, cultural associations or other entities that want to propose their own film production will also be supported. Anyone wishing to submit their proposal to take advantage of this space can write to intimalente@gmail.com

Participation Methods

IL is sensitive to environmental problems related to postal transport and for this reason it has chosen exclusively the network as the method of sending videos. The works (videos or photographic stories) must be uploaded to an internet platform chosen by the user (vimeo, youtube, etc.) or sent through a data exchange service (dropbox, wetransfer, etc.).The call is advertised through a platform dedicated to film festivals:https://filmfreeway.com/intimalenteand all registration, selection and, in general, communication procedures will take place through these platforms.
IL enrollment includes a $ 10 enrollment fee and without age limits. The works and the relative forms must be sent to the festival by midnight on 30 September 2020, under penalty of exclusion.
The films sent will not be returned and will become part of the Festival secretariat archive. The direction of the Festival reserves the right to promote and disseminate some works (at its unquestionable judgment) also to other Festivals, Bodies, and events, subject to prior notice to the author.Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations.

General Rules
Any shipping costs are borne by the participant.While ensuring the utmost care for the works, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage caused by any cause.
The selected films will be offered to the public during the Festival, which will last three days. Registration for the competition implies acceptance of the methods of presentation to the public and conduct of the festival. In any case, the public presentation formula may be subject to changes related to the location, the number of films, etc. It will be the organization's responsibility to communicate the procedures.
The prizes will be given to the directors / producers present at the final evening of the Festival or to their trusted people delegated to receive them or delivered to them.The direction of the competition is the final judgment on controversial cases and on matters not covered by this regulation.By registering for the competition, each individual author is responsible for the content of his works and explicitly authorizes the organization to make duplications and projections of the works presented, exclusively for cultural / promotional purposes and for printing.Works that do not meet the criteria set out in the call or sent without complying with the directives indicated by it will be excluded from the competition.Failure to accept the regulation will result in automatic exclusion from the competition.
The data of the participants are used exclusively for a correct organizational management of the competition and to guarantee its regularity. The Organizing Body guarantees that these data will not be used for other purposes and will in no case be transferred to third parties.
By registering for the competition, the author/producer pursuant to Law 196/03 authorizes the Organizers of INTIMALENTE Film Festival 2020 to use my personal data for the purposes set out in the official regulation and to the processing of personal data for institutional, connected or instrumental purposes, as well as consent to the communication and sending of the data also abroad and to the processing of data also through the use of electronic tools.
• By registering for the competition, the participant also authorizes the Organizers to use the e-mail address and telephone number for any communications.
• By registering for the competition, the participant declares to be the author of the attached Short / Documentary, and / or full owner of all copyrights and related rights relating to the subject itself.
• By registering for the competition, the participant also authorizes the use of the Short / Documentary for the possible inclusion in promotional DVDs and any television broadcasts in Italy or abroad or on web-TV.
• By registering for the competition, the participant declares that he fully accepts the rules of the Regulations of Intima Lente - International Festival of Ethnographic Films and authorizes the organizers of the Festival to disseminate the work presented, exclusively for cultural and non-commercial purposes, in the manner established by the organizers.
The participant declares to be in possession of all the necessary releases and consents to the use of his work also in other cultural and free initiatives curated by B.r.i.o., Comparing Traditions.
In addition, pursuant to current legislation on data processing, it declares its consent to the processing of data provided knowingly in the act of participation and to authorize its storage in the organizing Association's database.
In case of victory of the Competition, the author grants from now on the widest release for the projection of his work in the context of cultural exhibitions in Italy and abroad or for promotional purposes strictly related to the communication of the Organizing Bodies.

Registration is considered complete in the presence of:
a) Link for viewing / selecting the film;
b) Synopsis of the film (accepted languages: English, French, Italian);
c) Three representative images of the work;
d) Director / production data;
e) (optional) a declaration by the Author on the work presented at the festival (max one typed folder);
f) (optional) link to a downloadable and / or viewable trailer online, to be used as a promo.

Format of the Works
The works participating in IL must have the following formats:
• the videos can be sent in any format, with an optimal resolution of 1920 x 1080. For the selection, the uploaded file must not exceed the weight of 2 GB (for organizational reasons, the works of greater weight cannot be downloaded - l author is responsible for musical choices).
• If the film is selected for the final competition, the author will take care of providing the film in the resolution and quality it deems appropriate;
All communications relating to festival nights, screening times, and selection of finalists will be published on the dedicated website and platforms: www.filmfreeway.com, www.ilfestival.org and on the festival's

Facebook page:
https: // www .facebook.com / IntimateLensFestivalVisualEthnography

For further communications or clarifications, you can write to the email: intimalente@gmail.com

or contact via Facebook: